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Located about 14 miles from Hilo, this is another "must see" stop on the island tour. The road climbs about 4 miles through old sugar cane land til it reaches the falls. From the parking lot there is a circular trail, to the left about a 2 minute walk brings you directly to the falls, which plunges about 420 feet into a gorge below. However the best route is to the right following a narrow but paved trail through lush surroundings. Not a bad idea to have an umbrella handy, this is a really wet spot. This path takes about 20 minutes depending on how often you stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Words don't do the place justice so here is a pictorial hike along this trail. The pictures may take a while to load but I think it will be worth the time.

Here is a postcard shot..

This is Kahuna Falls...

This is Kahuna Falls after a heavy rain.

Here is the star Akaka Falls..

Which sometimes looks like this after it's been raining... Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed this little tour..

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