DaGecko's Communication Page

Communication is what it's all about on the internet so, here are some ways to get it done:

If you have Powwow up and running try clicking here you might find me at home and awake.
If you don't have Powwow then by all means right here.

The Web Broadcasting System . has literally hundreds of different chat rooms, my personal favorite being Thirtysomething Chat. Check it out, lots of nice folks.

another popular chat device is Freetel, talk for free over the internet [Get FreeTel].

Is another really popular chat program, if you don't have it just get You will find another huge world of chat areas.

For another first class program click on this is a great one.

Here is one more site that is becoming really popular, check out LOL Chat>

And if you are a total chataholic, you can really go nuts here

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