The first recollection I have of meeting Kimmie was late in June of 1998..It may have been sooner but I was not a frequent visitor to the HOLAS chat room then.. I remember she seemed so sweet and polite and I was sure she had a keyboard with several more "s" keys than the rest of us had..She was quite shy but always friendly and I still have the wav file of her greeting..I thought she was just a teenager who stopped in to chat with the old folks and didn't give it much more thought at the time..

Because of computer problems I was offline for about six weeks and didn't get into chat until probably August.. What a difference I found when I returned..Littleone or Kimmie had absolutely blossomed... With the help of her online Daddy and all her Mommies she was a totally different person...Still sooo sweet and polite, but much more outgoing and playful..

As I learnd more about her and the unspeakable things she had been through in her young life I couldn't help but be amazed at her total love for everyone she met...And it can't help but tug at your heart when she come's in and apologises because she was sick or hurt too much to come chat with us.. It became a regular thing for her "Daddy" and I to sit up with her at night playing her favorite music and talking until she would dirft off to sleep..I became her "Uncle" Don...and her "really reallys hippie" A title I will always cherish..

I guess my fondest memory is having the privilege to be around and see the magic of her first real Christmas seen through the innocent and unclouded eyes of this precious child..That and the Christmas card and the Valentines Day card to "a Special Uncle" with her little stamps inside...

Kimmie you are sooo special, not only to me but to all of us who have had the privilege to know you.. You are loved beyond words by all of us...Know that the love we send you is only a reflection of the love you have shared with us...Aloha a hui hou Anela..