JUNE 6TH 1997

This morning at 8:02 Central Standard Time our friend Missy 
shed her imperfect earthly body and donned the wings of the 
angel that she was to those of us who have accompanied her 
on her journey. Most of us only knew Missy through her writings 
but considered her a true friend, Missy had the quality to 
make everyone feel special and worthwhile, no matter what 
they might be going through at the time.  Missy made her 
journals public in November 1996 hoping that someone would 
share the lonesome path she was traveling.  To date nearly 
50,000 visits to her homepage, several filled guestbooks, 
countless email messages and a messageboard that just couldn't 
keep up. But I am still not sure that all this combined 
matched the Love. Inspiration, and Courage that she so 
unselfishly shared with all of us.
To our friend Missy a heartfelt ALOHA A HUI HOU...

ALOHA OE (it's meaning) It's more than just an easy word for casual good-bye; It's gayer than a greeting and it's sadder than a sigh; It has the hurting poignancy, the pathos of a sob; It's sweeter than a youthful hearts exquisite joyous throb; It's all the tender messages that words can not convey; It's tears unshed, and longing for a loved one gone away; It's welcome to Hawaii and it's lingering farewell; It's all the dear and silent things that lovers's lips can tell; It's woven into flower leis and old Hawaiian songs; It's frailer than a spider-web and strong as leather thongs; It's fresh as dew on ginger blooms and older than the moon; It's in the little lullabys that native mothers croon; It's said a hundred differnt ways, in sadness and in joy; Aloha means "I love you." So, I say "Aloha oe" don blanding

Missy's way of thanking us for accompanying her on her journey

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ALOHA a hui hou MISSY

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