Here are some of the talented people who with or without knowing it have made my homepage possible...I know there are more people to acknowledge but I have forgotten some of the sites I visited...Whenever I run across a familiar one I will add it to the list immediatly...So to all the ones here a grateful


Mahalo plenty to Chuck for allowing me to "borrow" some of his ideas not to mention links. Thanks!!

A great place to find all types of graphics, plus helpful hints and links to other helpful sites.

The talented lady who created my logo

Kauai Style The Midi -n- Sound factory

Here's where I found all the Hawaiian music, not an easy task...

Well the banner just about says it all! Check this one out!

Here is a great site to find Hawaiian GIF's and Animated clipart...I've used several throughout these pages and may sneak in a few more before I'm done...Mahalo...