Sport Fishing

On any given day at the Honokahau Small Boat Harbor there are literally hundreds of well equipped sport fishing boats available for charter. These range in size from 50' to 60' live aboard, long range, luxury cruisers, to the more modest 20' to 30' half day, short range, fishers. All boats are fully equipped to provide the angler with everything needed to capture that dream trophy.

The list of game fish that inhabit the calm, blue depths off the Kona Coast includes nearly all of the most popular big game trophy fish. Heading the list would have to be the Pacific Blue Marlin, This most elusive of game fish can tip the scales at over 1000 lbs, although the average usually runs between 300 and 400 lbs. There are also the much rarer Black Marlin which can weight as much as 1800 lbs, and the smaller Stripped Marlin can be found here as well. Ahi or Yellowfin Tuna, is another popular game fish, attaining a weight of over 200 lbs. Ahi is the Hawaiian word for "fire" it is said that when ancient anglers hooked a Yellowfin Tuna, it's initial run would cause the fisherman's handwoven line to burn grooves in the rails of his canoe. A very powerful fish with great endurance. Also found is the Ono also known as Wahoo or King Mackeral. Ono means "delicious" in Hawaiian, and that perfectly describes the taste of this toothy game fish. MahiMahi, dorado or dolphin, not to be confused with the mammal of the same name, is another delicious game fish, ranging from 10 to 60 lbs with larger specimens occasionally boated. The list is rounded out by Barracuda, skipjack tuna, amberjack, shark and a long list of bottom fish, which, while not the fierce fighters that the game fish are, can still make for an enjoyable fishing experience.