My name is Pua (that's flower in Hawaiian) and it fits cause I'm one cute 'ilio (dog). My Momma was a pure bred Golden Retriever and my Daddy....well...he was a Rotweiler that could really jump...right over the fence where they kept my Momma...Anyway, I spent the first month of my life trying to deal with 8 brothers and sisters, what a pain that was...well around November 10th 1998 I think it was, this big ole guy showed up at my house and I knew right away that I wanted him to take me home with him...I could tell that he would be really easy to train and I would have a pretty cushy life with him...hehe.

Well as soon as he picked me up and I gave him my VERY BEST "I'm a sweet puppy" look, I knew I had him hooked... at that time I could almost fit in the palm of his hand...and I put on such an act...I should have got the Acadamy Award...Anyway, just as I planned he fell for me big time right then and there...So we got into his pickup and I rode home with him holding me in his lap...It was kinda scary, lots of strange new noises and the motion of the truck and all, but I stayed really quiet all the way to my new home. cause I knew once we got to the house I had him right where I wanted him...

I gotta say that although it was a little lonely at first, having my own food dish was sure better than fighting with 7 brothers and sisters for every mouthful of food...I tell you that trough was a real battle zone...Being so small did pose some the front stairs.. but it didn't take me long to figure them out...And all that room out in the front yard all to myself, WOW!!!...

Like I figured I have it pretty good here, now that I have the big guy fairly well trained...One of my favorite spots is his recliner..Sometimes when he's in the other room I sneak in and take a nap in it...Sometimes he catches me.. and yells at me, but I'm sure he dosen't mean any of those things he says...But I pretend to be scared and run under the diningroom table and cringe a little...this seems to satisfy him and he leaves me alone.. The one thing I really don't understand is why he spends so much time in the little spare room staring at that little TV screen...I mean he has that big TV in the living room with his precious recliner in front of it and hardly ever uses it...Oh well just one of life's mysteries I guess...Anyway cause he spends so much time there that's where I am a lot too...Just being a good dog and protecting my master from any harm that might be lurking about...

Well that pretty much tells my story up til sure to check back in from time to time and I'll keep you up to date on what's going on in my world...ALOHA A HUI HOU!!

See How I've Grown??