My Dear Lord in Heaven, please hear me today.
A dear friend of mine is quite sick and in pain.
He's got cancer, you see, and the doctors all say
that surgery at this point would all be in vain.

I'm asking you, Lord, out of your great compassion,
to heal him and let him continue his life.
He has so much to give, in his own special fashion,
to his internet friends, family, daughters and wife.

His musical midis are bringing such pleasure
to those of us surfing the net day by day.
And he gives of himself, Lord. A valuable treasure
that means more to me than mere words could say.

So that's why I'm here, Lord. And asking my friends
who visit my pages to send you this prayer.
It's attached to a dove and the message it sends
is that all of Phil's Internet friends really care. Amen.

My dear friends... please save the dove to file and include it on your page with a link to this prayer, so the light of God's healing will shine on Phil and his family.

You've been listening to "We Are the World"... an arrangement created by Phil. I thought it would be appropriate for this Prayer Chain... because, you know what? We ARE the world. We're all in this together and with the love and compassion we draw from each other by holding hands throughout the Internet, we CAN make miracles happen through prayer.

Thank you, my friends! God bless...



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