When I first saw a webpage with frames, I thought "Oh wow! How did they do that?" and then my browser crashed. At first I thought it was because of my crummy computer and it's (lack of) memory, so I tried again...and again...and again. The family, thinking there was some medical emergency, came rushing in after hearing my screams. They saw me sitting at my computer shaking my fist and cursing: "*!#*&! frames!!". They just shook their heads and left, thinking that I'd really gone off the deep end. Frames can do that to you - drive you absolutely crazy!!
I.H.F.C. Member #90 ladybug
Break out of a frame
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I Hate Frames

I Hate Frames

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I Hate Frames Club

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What's Wrong With Frames?
What's wrong with frames? What's right with frames? They take longer to download, shatter your browser into a million little pieces, waste valuable browser space for no reason and shell you to other websites, then promptly crash your browser. Originally regarded as just another dopey Netscape feature this "speed bump on the information superhighway" has risen to become the single greatest hazard on the Net today. Anyone who actually surfs the Web is fully aware of the growing frame menace that looms over us like a bad Slurpee headache.

The Abuse Must Stop!
Time and again we have all suffered at the hands of this ruthless (ahem) "enhancement" With the support of it's Members The I Hate Frames Club is working day and night to once again make the Web a little safer for everyone.

Frame Hating Around the World
Frames are an international problem. Club members from all corners of the planet have made it clear that frames are simply not welcome in the global village. Only together can we hope to wipe frames from the face of the earth.

"I hate frames!" In Swedish from Andreas Söder:
"Jag Hatar Frames!"

In Danish, from Constantin:
"Jeg Hader Rammer!"

In French, from Nimmerlae:
"Je Déteste Les Cadres!"

In German, from Marius Lechler:
"Ich hasse Framen!"

In Portuguese of Brazil., from Guilherme Ramos:
"Eu Odeio Frames!"

Some translations from member Roger:
In Polish:
"Ja nienawidze frames!"

In Dutch:
"Ik haat ramen!"

In Zulu:
"Mina amazonda amafremu!"

In Spanish:
"Odio las pantallas!"

I Hate Frames

I Hate Frames

How Can I Join?
There are four different ways you can join.
Any one of them qualifies you as a member.

1. Fill out the I Hate Frames form, or
2. Just hate frames, or
3. Swipe one of these "I Hate Frames Club" gifs
(around 1KB each) and post it on your webpage, or
4. When you visit a site with frames, let them know how you feel.

The Obnoxious List

Frame Mayhem at Yahoo!
or just plain old
Yahoo! Internet Nonsense

Why Hate Frames?
President's Message
Members List
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The Obnoxious List International Images

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