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This Is Why It's So Bad To Link Directly to Someone Else's Server

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Having learned of this I find myself having to try to do something about it. Maybe you just don't know about it. Maybe this will help someone. Please, please take a moment to read this page.

There are many graphic artists on the web. A lot of them have their pages totally devoted to graphics, many have these pages just to help you get a start with your home pages. Some get up to and over 10,000 hits a day all from people uploading free graphics from their web sites. Some lose their web sites due to people linking directly to their servers causing them to be billed extremely large sums of money and they have no alternative but to shut down.

Some people gathered free graphics from all over the Internet, they get a site and keep it organized and up-to-date. They even make custom graphics like I do. There are so many artists who give their graphics away for free, to people for their home pages it would take up all my web space to list them.

I got lots of stuff from people on the web for free. I think it is wonderful that there are graphic artists and other webmasters who construct web sites to give people art and music files for free. I am still grateful to artists and musicians on the web for providing help to me and vast numbers of other people.

There is no reason to link to another persons server when you are doing a web page. It is wrong. You can put a lot of graphics on a 1 or a 2 MB web site. Look , I have lots of art on this site and it is all in my space. You need content for a web site! Graphics are nice, but graphics alone do not make a good web page. What do you want your pages to say? Give the people good content and believe me they will visit your pages.

Some of the graphics on my pages are free for you to use on your home pages. The graphics on the holiday pages are free for you to keep for your home pages. I make free banners for those of you at GeoCities who need help, I give them to you with no strings, at no cost. I think this helps me pay back favors because graphic artists on the Internet helped me. I believe that these pages and others like it are doing a service for the whole Internet community. We make and/or provide the graphics for people for FREE. We do not ask for much in return except for the following: that you DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE GRAPHICS.

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Here are the reasons people should not link to another person's server

It's like this. We do not tell you what you can put on your home page and you do not have the right to tell us what we can have on ours. You never know what might end up on your page or what might not end up on your home page if you link to the graphics.

How would you feel if you were forced to remove your site from the Internet because others are linking directly to your graphics? I say this not only for my site but for most all graphics sites on the Internet.

Please be kind enough to allow these wonderful graphic artists that give so freely of themselves to keep enjoying what they do.

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Join us by taking one of these icons for Web Prestige, display it on your homepage use it to send people back here. Set up your icon with a hypertext link to this page

web prestige icon
File name=webpres1.gif
web prestige icon
File name=webprhtm.gif
web prestige icon
File name=webprmid.gif
web prestige
File name=webpres2.gif
web prestige icon
File name=webprwh.gif
web prestige icon
File name=webprbk.gif

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This morning I received a wonderful new graphic from one of our members at BUTNZ! Thank you very much! This icon will look best on a white background, or you can also do what I am doing here using a border around it. It is nice to have a selection. We appreciate it and it's very special because you made this.

Web Prestige BUTNZ!
File name=wpwd.gif

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This day we were honored by a visit from the Minstrel who has kindly made these lovely items for our campaign! Thank you Dear Minstrel these are lovely and are extremely appreciated because you have made them for us!

Web Prestige Membership Icon

Web Prestige Membership Icon

This icon was kindly made for us by Silver Go visit her!
Thank you Silver.

Please if you want to join Web Prestige DO NOT link to this server with the <img src=""> for your icon. I have found now people do not even bother to read this and they are linking to the image directly from here and saying they are proud to be members !!!! Please do not join if you are not honest! Ask if you do not understand!!!

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Take any of these icons but remember to change the file name in the html code below to fit the name of the icon you pick. If you have any suggestions or an icon of your own to donate please e-mail me. The coding below uses the file name for the icon just pictured above the code.

----------HTML For Your hyperlink-------------- <p> <center> <a href=""> <img src="webpres1.gif" height="49" width="129" alt="web prestige icon"></a><br> <font size="2">I am proud to be a member of Web Prestige.</font> </center> </p> ----------End of HTML for your hyperlink.--------

Remember you can copy the icon and set up your image on your server with a link to this page. Just copy and paste the html code and copy the icon by pointing to it with your mouse pointer and right clicking on it and save it as webpres1.gif or whatever name is on the file you copied, you can even rename it and change the code above to match the name you want to use. Just upload the graphic to your directory on your server and this code will work. Send me an e-mail so I can come visit your page and we can get to know each other.

Become an active netizen help keep the net a nice place for artists, poets and musicians too.

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Thank you Dear Minstrel!

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